RESET the Body: Detox/Cleanse 🍎🍓🥑🥦

Every time, before I travel, I tell myself I am going to stick to my norms of eating healthy, practicing yoga, journaling, and living mindfully.

But.. how do I not eat Gelato in Italy? Or fried plantains in Cuba?

NO regrets, BTW… however, those mouth pleasures tend to awaken the beast inside.. the one that endlessly craves sweet, salty, crunchy, greasy, heavy, delicious, CARBS!! and then I start saying I’ll get back to normal TOMORROW… and then all the tomorrows add up to a month and then I feel backed up, heavy, sluggish, irritable, out of balance and even depressed. Every time I travel… I mean EVERY. TIME. 

It’s not really my fault.. it’s the relentless tummy bugs that made me do it. But I always win the final battle… one day, I either snap at someone, or I just can’t get out of bed, and my highest self wakes up from her nap and decides she’s had enough. This is the protocol that I have been using for the past few years that really sets me back on track.. after lots of trial and error, I found what works for me… I thought I had made this up myself (lol) but apparently this is a lifestyle that many people live, all the time (not just as a cleanse). I can see why… after 10 days of this, my skin is always glowing, I feel light as a feather, aligned, clear, and full of energy, joy and enthusiasm. Trust me, you want this. 

Some might look at this diet as limiting, but I think the complete opposite! This protocol gives you so much freedom to create amazing nourishing meals, and as a result, gives you your life back. You build confidence in yourself when you do what you say you’re gonna do.. set your mind and body FREE. 

After the 10 days, its up to you what foods and substances you feel you need to bring back into your life. Some people are good at moderation, and for some, that one glass of wine turns into a whole bottle and a cheese pizza right before bed. My stomach is cramping just thinking about my college days… Anyway! Cutting to the chase-

This cleanse is pretty simple, not necessarily easy, but YOU GOT DIS!

Here are the rules:



NO PROCESSED FOODS (except all natural plant-based protein mixes)

NO CAFFINE (this one is very hard for some, if you MUST, drink Green Tea instead of Coffee for that productive brain-buzz)





Basically a diet of ALL ORGANIC (when possible) VEGGIES, FRUITS, NUTS, SEEDS and some legumes. I also stay away from the night-shade veggies, including Tomatoes & Eggplant, but if you like them, go for it! Its important to make sure you’re getting your fats as well, so drizzle your veggies in some high quality EVOO (preferably from a glass bottle). When making your meals, take you time and put some love into it.. don’t nibble on all the ingredients before the meal is done. Sit down, breathe, thank Mother Earth and all the hands that brought this food to your plate, and enjoy every bite. I usually eat my fruit and sweeter foods earlier in the day… that way the sugar won’t effect my sleep. I love smoothies, but if I’m in a colder climate, my body craves warm foods like soup. (I have a recipe for a grain-free porridge/sweet breakfast soup below that is heavenly on a cold morning.) Eat simple foods with not too many ingredients.. remember we are trying to give the digestive system a break and allow the body to heal itself. There are no calorie restrictions unless you want to make them for yourself. Just give yourself time between meals to fully digest and to feel hungry again.

It’s also important to start and end your day with some sort of mindfulness practice (Yoga, meditation, journaling or maybe just reading a chapter of your current book 😉 ) I do yoga everyday... I like to go to classes, but sometimes I find that driving there and back interrupts my attentive work flow, so I do it at home on Gaia or AloMoves.

Drink lots of herbal teas! I have so much fun being an alchemist in the kitchen, coming up with new healthy concoctions throughout the day. For a post-nasal drip, or tickley throat, try boiling elderberries in water (with a couple chopped dates if you want to sweeten). Then strain into a cup and sip mindfully. ❤️ You could also chop some fresh ginger slices and make ginger tea… make a huge pot of it and then refrigerate to use as your base for smoothies. 

DO it with a FRIEND! I can’t tell you how much easier this makes it.. having someone else to cheer on and who is holding you accountable makes the process much more enjoyable and effective. I am doing it with my Mom this time and just after 2 days we are both visibly happier and more energetic.

DO continue your workout regimen.. and eat more if you need to! Just stick to the RULES. Working out might be a brisk walk through your neighborhood. Movement is key. I like to mix it up with Vinyasa, dumbbell workouts on Youtube, and Yoga-based Cardio/Dance classes (Buti, Buddhi, Shakti Flow, ect.)

Go outside & be in nature. If you’re in Boston in February, maybe sit next to your aloe plant, put on some Spotify nature sounds and pretend you’re in Hawaii. Or just buy a ticket to Hawaii? They are getting cheaper I swear.. 

Optional: Keep a Journal of your meals, post them proudly on your Insta-story, or log it into the My Fitness Pal app to help you keep track. 

SUPPLEMENTS: I love supplements.. The Vitamin Shoppe is like my Candyland! BUT, its VERY IMPORTANT to do you research when choosing your ALL NATURAL ORGANIC supplements. During this cleanse, I take a non-habit forming digestive tract cleanser (Mag O7 by Aerobic Life or just 400mg of Magnesium) before bed, and a good quality probiotic+prebiotic a half hour before my first meal.   I also continue taking my normal supplements such as tumeric/curcumin, spirulina, a medicinal mushroom blend & daily vitamin.

Heres a yummy, simple breakfast for a chilly morning:

Breakfast Porridge: 

(I first discovered this in Mexico, modified to make it healthier 😉)

1 Cup Coconut Milk

1 Tablespoon Chia Seeds

2 Medjool Dates, chopped

Simmer & stir on low for 8-10 min, uncovered so it can thicken..

Chop and top with: 

1/2 Banana

3 Strawberries

4 or 5 Walnuts




My twist on porridge ❤️

My twist on porridge ❤️

Not necessary but it helps your body eliminate toxins and move into the healing process 👊🏼

Not necessary but it helps your body eliminate toxins and move into the healing process 👊🏼

Kimberly June